Re: [AH] Using A Pedal Board Power Block To Power Synthesizers

From Steven E Barnes
Sent Thu, Sep 11th 2008, 07:31

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I do have a Pedal Power 2, which is on my guitar board.  Hooking a  
Moogerfooger delay into the brick (with a reverse polarity cable) did  
not work at all, although I suppose one could make a cable that  
combines the current of 2 outlets.

I just checked the website, and the Pedal Power 2+ has 2 outlets that  
supply 250ma, that must be what you are using.  The Pedal Power 2 only  
provides 9v 100ma outlets, so I may want to upgrade at some point.

However it won't work well with my Moogerfooger + Microcon/Cyclodon  
setup, unless I had 3 or more bricks, at that point I might as well  
use wall warts.

On Sep 10, 2008, at 9:46 PM, Paul Lord wrote:

> Steven,
> The transformer isolated models should not have grounding issues.   
> You can get adapter cables for the Voodoo Labs that will link two of  
> the 9V or 12V outputs together to power 18V and 24V pedals.  There  
> are also reverse polarity leads available.  I'm running a Mutron (at  
> 18v), a 24V overdrive, and two moogerfoogers from a Voodoo labs this  
> way.  Although, if you have 8 moogerfoogers...yeah, you'll need two  
> of the pedal powers.
> Paul
> On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 6:50 PM, Steven Barnes  
> <> wrote:
> I know very little about electronics, so feel free to ignore me...
> My understanding is that there are 2 kinds of "power brick", the  
> expensive kind in which each output is transformer isolated (e.g.  
> Voodoo Labs Pedal Power), and the cheap ones which just split power  
> up to multiple pedals (e.g. Onespot, Boss).  I am I correct in  
> assuming that a transformer isolated brick would not have grounding  
> issues?
> The problem for us is that most of these solutions are for guitar  
> pedals, which are mostly 9v and have relatively low current draw.   
> Some of the manufacturers have been beefing up the outputs, and  
> provide some outlets with more voltage than 9v, as well as provide  
> some AC options for digital pedals.
> I've been keeping an eye open for something which can power my  
> Moogerfoogers, it is very inconvenient to lug around 8 wallwarts.   
> None of the guitar oriented bricks supply enough amps for me.  You  
> think someone would jump on this market opportunity...
> When I first got my Cyclodon + Microcon, I tried powering them with  
> a splitter cable, and they were not happy, I guess the grounding  
> problem would explain things...
> -steve