Re: [AH] Matmos - "Supreme Balloon"

From Lars Porsena
Sent Fri, May 23rd 2008, 20:30

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I'm in total agreement, it's analogue orgy-time in there. A fantastically
well-informed and inventive record from start to finish - hot optics,
sackbut elves and raw tones from the psychic valve-end of 1971. And yes,
Terry Riley plays too.
Look at what the kids are saying... now get your beard on:
QUOTE(The Vidiot @ Feb 14 2008, 04:57 PM) [image:
The jewel in the crown is the album's title track, a 24 minute monster synth
jam that builds from a lone Roland SH-101 wobbling your sub-woofers into a
celestial, psychedelic epic whose spiraling arpeggios recall the sidelong
LP-era mind-journeys of Cluster, Mother Mallard and Vangelis. Riding an
insistent tabla pattern courtesy of a "Taal Mala" drum machine from India,
warm, bubbling layers of analogue synthesis, and the chattering and chirping
of MAX patches shaking hands with boutique EFX pedals, it's a long strange
trip indeed. Things cool down with an ambient air kiss and it's ove

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 7:56 PM, Horton <> wrote:

> Why isn't anyone talking about this record? Matmos, who have made a
> bunch of great records on their own and helped Bjork make her last
> two, have done an all-synthesizer album for their new release.
> "Gear fetishists take note: the exotic and antiquated synths used on
> the record heavily spotlight the classic 60s/70s/80s consumer
> electronic rigs of Arp, Korg, Roland, Waldorf and Moog, and feature
> modular systems from Electro-Comp, Doepfer and Akai (hell, even a
> stylophone and a Suzuki Omnichord show up); these were recorded at
> home in San Francisco, California and in the SnowGhost studio at
> Whitefish, Montana. But there are also completely unique,
> one-of-a-kind modular curios present, such as the "Coupigny" modular
> synthesizer housed in the INA/GRM studios at Radio France in Paris and
> used extensively by some of the titans of musique-concrete. Guest
> players invited to the party include living treasure of American jazz
> Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra (he plays the E.V.I. or
> Electronic Voice Instrument, a breath controlled oscillator, on
> "Mister Mouth"), Bay Area troublemakers Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly),
> East Coast electroacoustic sages Jay Lesser and Keith Fullerton
> Whitman, and classically trained pianist Sarah Cahill. Plus, our
> roll-call of the good and great would be remiss if we didn't mention
> that the gatefold double vinyl and ITunes edition of the album also
> includes the bonus track "Hashish Master" that features a guest solo
> synth improvisation from none-other-than minimalist mastermind Terry
> Riley(!). Though it was recorded all over the world over the last two
> years, the whole shebang was finished in Baltimore, Maryland (the
> band's new home, at least as long as Drew Daniel is a professor in the
> English Department at Johns Hopkins University), and comes encased in
> some truly gorgeous watercolor artwork by Robert Syrett."
> I've been really digging the album a lot - I bought the double-vinyl,
> and it's totally worth it for the extra content and the big-sized
> Archigram-style art. This should basically be everyone on AH's #1
> album of the year, in my opinion.
> A.H.