RE: Roland PB 300

From mikekent
Sent Wed, Feb 14th 1996, 22:25

>From: (Ruud Lekx)
>Does anybody know anything about an old Roland drumbox called the PB 300?
>It has midi but sounds like a 606/808 type machine. It's got 16 preset
>rhythms such as rock, bossa nova, etc. Great for hard techno when distorted.
>The interesting part is the built in arpeggiator, which has 2 variations but
>also changes with the preset rhythms. It can also generate midi-clock.
>It looks and sounds like one of those boxes to use with an organ, but is a
>rather nifty little find. Problem? Nobody seems to know anything about it....

The PB-300 was designed to be used with Roland first MIDI home pianos,
Circa 1984. I haven't used one since 1984-5 when I used to demo it to
dealers, so my memory may not be complete. It adds preset rythms, bass
lines based on the chords you play on the piano,  and controls the piano
for chord comps or arpeggio. So total effect was to get auto accompaniment
like offered on home organs. TR-606 style analog drum sounds (well, maybe
cheesier than TR-606) but I don't think any rhythms were programmable.
Maybe a good box for drastic mods or parts? Maybe its best use is as a
unique MIDI Arpeggiator?

>Problem? Nobody seems to know anything about it....
What else do you want to know? If you really need details I could probably
find an owners manual.


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