Re: cheap mixer recommendations?

From jong
Sent Sun, Feb 1st 1998, 04:43

>>i've recently outgrown my porta-03 cassette recorder (yee-haw! you know
>>what that means - more gear!!!) and was looking for a cheap ($200) small
>>mixer, 6-8 channels, that i can use as the middle-man between my stuff and
>>my tape deck. any suggestions would be great. thanks.
>I'd try to find a used Mackie 1202... One of the best things going for the

You can get a spirit folio F1 (14 channel, 100mm sliders, 4 knob EQ (hi, 2
mids, low), 3 aux sends, inserts on each channel, a stereo mix insert,
balanced XLR's out, mono out) by soundcraft for the same dinero.