[AH] The Birds

From John Paulson
Sent Sun, Mar 12th 2000, 23:24

I picked up a copy of the BFI Film Classics book "the Birds" by Camille
Paglia today.  Camille is remarkably reserved in this book, for better or
worse.  Lotsa neat pictures, stills from the film and also on location shots
and promos too!  But what got my attention and why I even mention this is
that the very last picture in the book is of old Hitch himself grasping one
ear, pretending to be in aural pain, with his other hand manipulating a
switch on the control panel of a TRAUTONIUM!

Go check it out at your local bookstore, it's pretty cool.  I smiled

For those who do not know what a trautonium is, I suggest this site:


For those who wish to hear my band, I suggest you go here: