Re: [AH] Is There an Affordable Frac Bit Cruncher?

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Oct 7th 2008, 19:38

Hmm... You may wanna do like many of us here do and mix & match the modules.

I run a bunch of stuff, and have dedicated power supplies for each need. 
So, the Doepfer gear is running from it's own set of +/- 12v supplies 
(PowerOne linears rock!).

I thought there was also something on Doepfer's DIY page that talked about 
what's needed to safely run Doepfer modules from alternate supplies, but I 
can't find it in a quick look:

That wouldn't be the most flexible thing to do, since you'd have to mod the 
module itself, and then it wouldn't run off of a 12v supply, but it's an 

There's also the Doepfer group over on Yahoo. Deiter's there a LOT:

david l (10:21 AM 10/7/2008) wrote:
 >Greetings Friends,
 >  Does anybody know if there is a frac company that makes something like
 >Dopefer's A-189-1 Voltage Controlled Bit Cruncher / Modifier. I'm looking
 >for one on the cheap that I can run on a +/-15V supply. Thanks again for
 >everyone's time..