[AH] modular advice?

From M Stevens
Sent Sat, Nov 8th 2008, 03:23

I'm considering getting myself a modular system for xmas, so I  
thought I'd re-subscribe to this list after being off for ten or so  
years and seek your sagely advice.

I have some experience with modular analog synthesis by way of a Korg  
MS-20 / MS-10 / SQ-10 rig I had for several years, and have  
considerable time with software modular stuff like Reaktor, Nord,  
SuperCollider, etc., so I pretty much know the drill. Not having  
experience with a "full on" analog system, I'm sure there's plenty of  
minutia I haven't anticipated as I get into this, though.

I'm leaning towards Doepfer, as they seem to have the best bang for  
the buck, good compatibility and a wide variety of modules. I'm open  
for alternate suggestions, though. I'm planning on trying to stay in  
the $3k ballpark for an initial investment, and don't really feel the  
need for something uber-premium like a Waird.

As far as Doepfer, I'm thinking of getting one of the pre-configured  
basic A-100 systems, part of the attraction being I can order one and  
have it "just show up" ... possibly having my modules trickle in over  
a couple months largely being the reason for not going with a custom  
config, if that were to be the standard process. Also, the danger  
that if I did a custom config, I'd do a stupid noob thing and forget  
to include one or more bread-and-butter modules that weren't obvious  
while I thought it out ( the "minutia" mentioned above ... )

Any enlightenment based on the above appreciated. I'll leave it at  
that for now, and hopefully not be too much of a pain as I get  
further into this.

Nice to have AH mails back in my inbox after all this time ...