Re: 303 PC Clones

From Martin Fay
Sent Tue, Jan 14th 1997, 15:47

Arun wrote:
> ive heard alot about these 303 emulators that work on the computer.
> my question is....
> how do you sync that stuff up to midi?

Using midi clock sync (aka Sync24 over midi ;). I've got this working 
almost tolerably well with my virtual synth program although my 
486/66 doesn't really have the horsepower to run that and Cubase at 
the same time.

Giles wrote:
> This is a good point.  I don't think tweaking a screen emulation of a
> knob with a blunt mouse is too satisfying.  So where do you go from
> there? Build a dedicated controller box or use a MIDI fader box?  Half
> the attraction of 303 sized boxes is their portability and control
> surface. From that point of view, you might as well have the real
> hardware! Technically, RubberDuck and ReBirth are incredible, but IMHO
> they shouldn't be limited to emulating the most overused synth around.
> How about a virtual 100M?  I think I'd put up with my mouse then!

That's why I've put in support for tweaking sliders from my 
BassStation ;) VAZ is pretty much a virtual System 100 (not m) at the 
moment, and I'll move on to a fully modular version when that's done.


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