Re: Doepher Modular. Beginner's help...

From atombee
Sent Wed, Nov 8th 1995, 07:39

>I'm looking at the Doepher modular pricelist and while they seems a bit
>limited vs. other alternatives this stuff seems too reasonable to pass up.
>To make matters a little easier I'm mostly looking for a processiing kit
>to start with. You know, something to feed signals through and mess with
>in real time.
>I assume a *very* basic setup will do this. Filter, Envelope, maybe a
>ring mod, ??.

For process, you should have some filters, some envelope generators or VC
generators, which you can trigger from a drum machine or sequencer or a
key-out from an analog synth ... you also need some way to take pulses in,
so you can sync filtering action (particularly stepped) to the beat.

A ring modulator is always useful, but often too raw for sound out of
prepatched synths, which often have some sore of ring mod built in, IMO.

Some VCA's are important you need in and out mults (duh!) ... I don't know
what all doepfer has. Comparators are handy for squaring up stuff or gating
control voltages. Do they have the equivalent of the serge Dual slope
generator? An awesome module ... all kinds of uses ...

I don't even need oscilattors at this point do I? This may
>all be very naive but I don't *do* modulars (yet) What can I do for power
>supplies, etc. The damn frame is more than a half dozen modules...

I'm sure they sell a power supply. The latest Electronic Musician has an
article about them & STS, etc. I should go look at it.
>then what's the next step to get it to be a synth in and of itself? One
>VCO? Wave form Processor? Huh?

You would want at least two oscillators (amazing what you can do with just
two), and a wave form processor, if they have one.
>Of course, how does this creature sound? Does the filter compare to
>anything? I imagine this could easily do better than a Roland system 100

Not! Rob (Sindar) swears the 100 (his) is as fat, I mean, phat, as my serge
... which the the fattest, hands down!... I doubt it! But it's still
probably pretty good.

>but I ain;t sure about any of this stuff.
>thanks for any/all help.

Well it's a big world (modular synthesis), but the MOST satisfying, IMO ...
and the way to get the greatest and most unique sounds ... the trick, er,
challenge is ALWAYS to sync and mix these sounds into usable tonal
pallettes, etc ...

Brian Vick was trying to figure out a "processing" serge panel sometime
back ... are you still there, Brian? Did you figure out a panel you were
happy with?

Also, I would be remiss if I did not put in a plug for my friend Rex and
STS, makers of Serge Systems. I dropped by the other day to have a couple
modules checked & order some special cables, and saw Rex's new face plates
and the new LED's ... the new serge panels are _absolutely_ beautiful ...

I was telling my friend Greg Jones, who studied under Mort Subotnick down
at CalArts in the late 70's, on serge and buchla systems, about how great
the new panels & lights looked and he started rhapsodizing about how they
(other students, of course) used to take LSD and sneak into the electronic
music studio and watch the lights blink ... and twiddle nobs ... while
those serge filters pumped out the sound of the universe ... The Tone, of

Which reminds me of Rex's explanation of the Analog Shift Register (I was
having a hard time of conceptualizing a direction to explore with it ...
Kevin Braheny was trying to suggest a couple analogies and applications and
finally, Rex burst in with, "It's a seqencer with acid trails!"

Oh Well! Say no more! Say _no_ MORE!  Thanks Rex!

But really, I'd trade everything I own for a 909 and a 303 ... that is
where modern analog synthesis is AT!


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