[AH] Power Connection and 1V/OCT adjust - Plan B Model 15

From Peter Grenader
Sent Fri, May 6th 2005, 02:46

Sorry for the X-post.

I'd like to pass on some valuable infomation to Model 15 owners on two
subjects which are near and dear to me:  Connecting power to your Model 15
-and- Periodic 1V/oct tracking adjustments.

Connecting Power:

There is only one correct way to connect power to your Model 15 on a Doepfer
rack.  Before you attempt to do this,  have a look at this diagram so you
won't have to replace your rack's fuse:


1V/OCT Tracking Adjustment:

I set all VCOs to track to eight octaves prior to shipment.  The VCO's are
double boxed, that withstanding however who knows what the gorilla's we've
come to know as our friendly UPS/Fedex/USPS persons REALLY do with packages
when they've got them.  I had one arrive looking like it had been placed
underneath a stack of CS-80's.  What I'm getting at is there is a possibly
that the 1V/OCT factory adjustment may be compromised during its journey. If
so, no biggie - the adjustment is quite easy.

I recommend that you do this only if your unit is in fact out of wack.    As
simple as this procedure is, its a twenty turn trimpot you'll be adjusting
and it takes time. 

Go here for the tracking adjustment procedure:


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Looking at the diagram, you'll notice two horizontally
oriented resistors (beige in color) right next to the IV/OCT adjustment trim
pot.  The leads of those two resistors that face the trimpot are connected
to +V and ground respectively. If you use a metal flat blade screwdriver to
make this adjustment and if by chance the blade slips off and shorts these
two resistor leads together - you're going to blow a fuse.  For this reason,
I recommend the use of a plastic pot tweeking tool available at any
electronics store for a couple of dollars. A sound investment (pardon the
pun) for anyone who owns modular gear for a plethora of reasons.

- P