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From Ross Goniakowski
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" another thing i am starting to use is a gong 
(yes just a normal old gong) that i mic and manipulate (a la 
Stockhausen) though my Synthi. the key to this is that i let 
audience members actually play the gong, while i do the 
maniplulations. so far i have had some good responses to it."

A few years back I opened for a band in a dive bar. I was into MAX at the =
time.  I had a bass line from a Pro One,  a controlled Effectron feed =
back loop, and a toy steel drum, contact mic'ed, being struck by these =
robot drumsticks I made.
I am no tech wiz by any stretch. The drumsticks were made with wood =
scraps, duct tape, rubber bands, and electric car door openers, but they =
actually worked. Could get 'em to play very fast. Got someone to help =
with the interface. Everything was triggered by my MPU 101. I had a real =
basic patch on MAX where there were patterns that I could change the =
length, speed, and note values of. Just sat there with the mouse and  =
computer keyboard while a pal held the steel drum and moved it under the =
sticks. It sounded pretty wild and
freaked some people out.

I'm just starting to get back into doing live electronics. I did a solo =
a few weeks ago with my Doepfer, Roland SYS 100, Pro One, Effectron,
and a PortaStudio (some analog rthym stuff-ALL ANALOG) synced to a MMT-8. =
The short set included a slow extended version of "Black Dog" which was
a crowd pleaser. I have also played a few shows with a noise-fest type
band The Devil Bell Hippies using the Roland, Effectron, and PortaStudio =
as mixer/tape player. In my defense on using tapes: each time I've done =
I made a custom tape (SFX mostly), and the live mixing aspect. I would =
like to do more dub/noisey/"dancey" stuff with the sequencer, we'll see. =
I also
want to get back into MAX. The problem I have is that I'm an audio =
guy for an ad agency and just about the last thing I want to look at =
work is a Mac.

I've only been to one rave in my life and I felt like a dirty old man. 
There is a pretty good "underground" scence in Chicago (some call it
"New No-Wave") and the people I've encountered tend to be pretty =
receptive to analog synths. I would encourage youse guise (in my best =
sowt side-uh)
who want to do live "weird" shit outside of the techno/rave scene to try
the "punk rock scene". If you play first you can usually have a good =
of setup time. 

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