Re: tb-303

From Machine Media
Sent Thu, Apr 27th 1995, 00:16

>    Wanta get your 303 makin bubble sounds??? Stick a CV cable just in the 
> gate out and nothing in the CV out.  It creates some interesting effects 
> when the resonance is all the way up and you turn the cutoff.  
> I recently painted my 303 hot pink to match my wall paper in my studio.

 Oh my!! I should feel thankful that my studio is mosty grey :)

Anyway, this supports my half-baked "Current Starvation Theory" I 
noticed, that as the batteries get older the sound changes. A 100ma 
walll-wart can't match a series of fresh C-batteries for current. My 
guess is that it can draw more current than 100ma, and when this higher 
current is unavailable the sound changes. It might go further to explain 
it's unique sound -- not only is it a lousy surrogate for a bass guitar -- 
it won't sound the same with it's own (or at least officially assigned -- 
as there is no room in the box for one) AC adapter.

I still have to finish that 9V power supply box I began to overbuild :)
It can run three 303's at once with 1A available. Maybe I should 
experiment with current limiting to see if I can change the sound 
deliberately :)