AW: -- SQ10 --

From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Thu, Mar 16th 1995, 23:15

> > So, what are some other favorite SQ-10 tricks?


> I also like a lot to sweep slow sequences in very fast one with the
> speed pot ..

I don't know if the SQ-10 is capable of this, but I designed my own
little sequencer (nothing special, just CMOS 4017 etc.) to be able
to work in the *audio range*. So with a VCO signal as an input (pulse
wave, of course!), the whole sequencer works as a signal shaper
(and frequency divider, of course).
Try it with the SQ-10! If it can't do audio range, perhaps a little mod
should make it possible ...

> I have always love the MS20/MS10/MS50/SQ10 and old Korg-era ..
> PS3100/PS3300/PS3200 Korg Mono-poly and Polysix .. why dosen't company
> like this exist anymore .. ??
> Now excuse me I should call this bastard in Holland that wants 2800 DFL
> (divede by1.5 for $) .. to see if he still have the beast .. and add
> some poliphony and LFOS .. to the combos ..

DFL 2800,-  --- for which of those beasts ?
For a PS3100 he would be a bastard indeed; but if it was a 3200 or 3300 ...
not that bad !!!