[AH] FS: Blacet, Analogue Solutions, Doepfer, PAiA

From Mark Pulver
Sent Wed, May 4th 2005, 00:16

It all needs to go to someone who will use it. :)

Where applicable, all "kit" modules were purchased assembled unless 
otherwise noted.

Condition Statement:
   - All modules are in good working condition.
   - *** MOST modules are outfitted with BLACET power plugs. This includes
     the AS and Doepfer modules.

*** see below for miscellaneous babble about shipping and such

Analogue Solutions
   (2)  RS-40  Noise/S&H/OSC           $150 each
   (2)  RS-60  EG                      $160 each
   (2)  RS-90  VCO                     $160 each
   (1)  RS-110 Multimode Filter        $170
   (1)  RS-160 CV Mixer                $ 80
   (1)  SY01	VCF/VCA/EG               $200

Blacet Research
   (1)  EG2070  VC ADSR                $140
   (2)  FD2020  Frequency Divider      $105 each
   (2)  FF2030  Final Filtre           $155 each
   (1)  KW2010  Klangwerk              $155
   (1)  MX2040  Mixer                  $100

   (1)  A116  Waveform Processor        $50
   (1)  A138a Linear Mixer              $40
   (1)  A138b Exponential Mixer         $40
   (1)  A142  VC Delay/Gate             $60
   (1)  A156  Dual Quantizer           $120
   (1)  A170  Dual Slew Limiter         $45

   (2)  9710  Triple VCA               $100 each
   (2)  9720  Dual VCO                 $110 each
   (2)  9730  Dual VCF                 $100 each

*** NOTE: The PAiA modules were bought "assembled" but they were
     not "factory assembled". The construction looks fine.

All prices are PLUS SHIPPING from US ZIP 98021. I _will_ ship 
internationally by your choice of carrier. Nothing ships without insurance 
and delivery confirmation, so please factor that into your shipping costs.

Buy 3 or more pieces and continental US shipping via USPS Priority mail is 
free (or a $10 discount on international or AK/HI shipping).

Individual pricing as listed is pretty much set in stone, but if you're 
looking to purchase a block of stuff, then make me an offer. :)