Re: Roland System 100

From analogue
Sent Wed, Oct 22nd 1997, 15:15

> Hi all
> I just went pawnshopping around Columbus again, and I saw something 
> interesting (Justin, are you paying attention?)...
> There's a System 100 module 101 (NOT a 100M module 101 and NOT an 
> SH-101) for sale downtown.

How much did they want for it?

I have two 102's and let me tell you, for liquidy bubbly warm coco drinkin
bear rug sitting in front of the fireplace send me over the top I can't get
enough of it sound, they are all that and a bag of chips.  

They are one of my favorite if not my favorite synths.  I would sell my
pro5 my 101 and my 202 first. (not the memorymoog though)