FS TB303, MS50, DMP7, TR727

From Ashley Deacon
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00


        Sorry if this is getting reposted, but I didn't see it come through in
yesterdays AH.

        I have the following for sale:

        TB303 with silver carrying case, good condition $1100 ono.

        Korg MS50 - offers.

        May consider trades, though I'm not interested in a collection of small
        monosynths. Am interested in Doepfer MAQ16:3, OSCar, Xpander, 12 voice
	Nord Lead.

        Other things for sale:

        Yamaha DMP7 - digital mixing console, 3 effects processors on board,
        motorised faders and full midi automation of efects parameters and mix.

        Good condition, with manuals.  $450.

        Roland TR727 - Percussion version of the 727 - great x0x sequencer and can
        synce Roland DIN sync machines to MIDI.

        Excellent condition, in original box with manual.  $175 ono.


Ashley Deacon.