Re: -- SQ10 --

From M Stevens
Sent Thu, Mar 16th 1995, 10:06

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Andrea TONI wrote:

> I have always love the MS20/MS10/MS50/SQ10 and old Korg-era .. 
> PS3100/PS3300/PS3200 Korg Mono-poly and Polysix .. why dosen't company 
> like this exist anymore .. ?? 
> Now excuse me I should call this bastard in Holland that wants 2800 DFL 
> (divede by1.5 for $) .. to see if he still have the beast .. and add 
> some poliphony and LFOS .. to the combos .. 
> still looking desperately for as MS50 !!! 

OK, how often does this MS-series stuff come up? like, 7 times a day or 
so? is it possible to upload a digest of all this crap to Korg? Maybe 
they'd get a clue... they seem to still be doing fairly cool stuff in 
general, unlike several other generic Japanese synth outlets....
Reissue the MS-20! (built in MIDI, of course....(okay, they can sell it 
as an option...))
- M, LX