Re: *warning* non-analogue content contained herein

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Sep 10th 1996, 22:49

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>Yes, but I'm getting between 50 and 80 messages per day, the majority 
>of which are crap rather than anything useful.

And I pull almost 300 messages a day.

I agree.. This is why I bash delete probably 80% of the mail I get without
ever reading it.

>For example, the 
>continuing Doepfer saga, the MC303 vs Drumstation debate - all this 
>argument over 2 machines that I doubt the majority of us would ever 
>buy ...

Yep. Plus, most the information is int he archives. Plus, the ultimate
gauge to buying a piece of gear is YOU and YOUR ears. Not your buddy that
says that a DK87Z is the coolest thing in the world.

>surely that is something that we must each decide for ourselves by
>listening to it, not because someone else says it does? So why waste 
>all this time arguing about it


>For those of us that pay for our net access this waste of bandwidth is 
>starting to spoil what is generally a highly useful and interesting mailing 

I pay a boatload for my Internet access. Not as much as some of the folks
on the East side of the Atlantic, but more than most here in the US. I run
from an ISDN line at $40/month and the ISP charges are $70/month.

I hate the crap too... :)


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