Re: [AH] modular: where to start?

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Tue, Sep 30th 2008, 21:00

"> From a control point of view Doepfer modules seem very lacking in
> control and flexibility and seem to take up a lot of space for what  you 
> get."

i really Beleive the exact oppossite, but, everyone is entitled to his 
opinion.   :-)


> On 30 Sep 2008, at 19:43, Matt wrote:
>> Whilst making patches I keep wishing my MS-20 or EML-101 had one more
>> filter...and an extra LFO...and another VCA...and that each VCO was
>> independently controllable...I think this means I ought to start
>> thinking about a modular.
>> The system that really appeals to me is Doepfer, but I'd be very
>> grateful for any advice from you users on the dark side about the
>> relative merits of different systems, as there seem to be quite a few.
>> And are any cross-compatible? Where does one begin with what can
>> clearly so easily become an obsession??
>> I'm based in London UK so it might make more sense to go for a
>> European system, although the pound is still strong against the dollar
>> (for the time being).
>> Matt