[AH] Any reason not to go with Doepfer?

From Gino Wong
Sent Mon, Dec 4th 2006, 00:31

Given the current exchange rate you would be well advised to buy some
Doepfer from a US vendor.  If they won't ship to you use an American
friend to make the buy for you.  I'd say you have a bunch to choose

<I have been trying to buy some doepfer modules for YEARS!!!
But so far EMIS seems to not want to deal with me.
They rarely get back to me and they never have anything in.
I have been phoning and emailing since forever. I have now given up.
Doepfer wont deal with me direct so I am stuffed unless what I want
comes up in auction. I have The Tellun Sword of Kaliss but I can't
build it because I can't buy doepfer in the UK>