Re: Sennheiser Vocoder? PS3200 ? PS3300 ?

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

> > 
> > Than he asked me to also ask for a
> > 
> > Sennheiser Vocoder.
> > 
> > It must be rare and expensive as he said, he got one offered for 15000.-DM
> > (with MIDI, well :-) That is 10000$ !!!
> > I personally have no idea what this makes this box so worthy, except it
> > is verry rare and Kraftwerk used it. HAve a look to your basement ! :)
> > 
> Well, well.  Tell your friend that I have a Sennheiser vocoder (but no
> Synthex!!).  It is a beautiful vocoder with 20 filter bands and spearate
> EQ controls for each band.  There are many more features too.  It sounds
> wonderful.  Everything you feed into it comes out sounding musical.  I've
> had people offer me $3,500; a Moog 15; other combinations of gear; to trade
> for it.  I would never let it go.  It's a very special machine.
> > PS: No, he didn't make fun with me, he already own a lot of expensive gear,
> > like a maga MAC with 132MB RAM and several GB Harddisk wich sounds
> > unusable to me. He owns the ELKA synthex (this was for Tom. M. :-)
> Sure, tease me.  Someday, someday.  Oh - tell your friend that the Synton

Thats a central message I am always saying to myself when entering his studio,
"stay c00l ! some day, some day I'll ..... "

> Syrinx is an amazing monosynth.  He should try to find one at any price.
I played one at TBS (he did as well). It's pretty wierd designed for s.o.
who is used to Japanese Monosynths. All this 3 filter thing, which is
more like an EQ. Never got the whole philosophy of it. (It was 10 mins, ok)

The funniest thing was this Bender joke.
It is just a plate isolated from the case in a regular distance of
approx. 5 mm. It's fixed only on one side. By pressing it down (bend! :-)
the capacity is reduced (or increased, or what , or confused ? ).
Anyway it's electronical behaviour is changed.
So you are controlling it by mechanical movements.

Funny and I guess easy to copy for all you technical wizards.


BTW: He got lots of weired things. Ever heard of a 
"Roland jet phaser" ? It comes in brown metallic tankish looking thing.
And he is collecting rare drumboxes like the "Wersimatic" and things
like that. 

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