Re: Re: Global Chillage

From ecto
Sent Sun, Dec 4th 1994, 02:01

 Apparently Rising High has put an import ban on Global Chillage since
>   Astralwerks is releasing the CD in early 1995.
>Out of interest, is this legal for Rising High to do this?  

This sounds wrong to me. I'm sure it's Astralwerks that put the import ban
on GC (why in the world would Rising High want to close out a market?).

Well well.  If it is illegal to own a copy of this album, then you better
slap the cuffs on me right now.  I got a vinyl copy (The Rising High Import)
last week (AMAZING by the way, 'Manifesto' and "Waveform" are pretty
mind-blowing).  The crux of this is: What's the deal?  I've seen copies of
this CD/LP all over the city!  What about other cities?  Is it just cuz
Canada used to be part of the Commonwealth ;) ?


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