RE: [AH] back again. questions about Arp 2600 vs. die neue

From harrybissell
Sent Fri, Jan 5th 2007, 21:50

From: "charles graef" <>
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I'm always amused by defenses of .com that attempt to
characterize Doepfer's offerings as "weird sound
fartboxes."  <end snip>

easy to make a million modules if you mine the
internet for other (people's) unique designs and
then clone them. Its like saying "Behringer rules"
because they cloned all the Boss effects right down
to the paint job...   Better still if you do not
acknowledge any debt of gratitute to those people.

Most of the other "boutique" manufacturers give credit
to people whose designs they have appropriated /
repackaged... and often with the blessing of those
people.  I'm not alleging that Doepfer has done
anything illegal in any way... those designs were on
the web and even if the authors ~asked~ for
or ~forbade~ commercial reproduction for profit... its
not ~legally~ binding. Morally is another story. Check
the archives at AH or Synth-diy for more info.

Doepfer does have some interesting bits... but to
dismiss .com, motm etc is a disservice.  Most of them
have third-party modules made for the format... such
as the panels offered by (late) Stooge industries and
folks like CGS-Synth (Ken Stone).  I'm sure you can
find a picture of Larry Hendry's MOTM system if you
think that the pond is too small :^)

H^) harry