Re: Doepfer A-100 Modular

From Marc Mcnulty (MUSIC)
Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 01:21

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, Mark Kolmar wrote:

> I should be getting some photocopies of info about Serge in the near
> future.  I'd very much like to get the info on Doepfer too.
Some info is in  under Doepfer.
> I was looking at the Paia kits.  The prices are good (like $40 or so for a
> ramp/pulse/triangle VCO), but it will of course take some time to assemble
> the stuff.  Adding in the cost of the pots and jacks, which are not
> included, and cases, may change the balance.  Someone on here also
> suggested the Paia VCO may not be as stable as it could be. 
One problem with the PAIA kits is that the modules are based on Curtis 
chips which are no longer manufactured.  This could be a problem in the 
future if a module fails or you wish to expand. 
> I'm eager to get at least a modest modular system together and expand over
> time.  Maybe $500 to start.
The PAIA is good, for the price.
> However I really want to use this stuff as a composer and musician, not an
> electrical engineer.  What attracts me to a modular setup is the
> routability that digital synths don't offer.
The same reason for me.  I need a "canvas" of sorts to construct sounds, 
not just bleeps and blops.
  Not the 303 Acid (tm) sound,
> warmness, or anything else.  To the degree that such a beast would need to
> be calibrated daily, or a number of other things that aren't necessary
> with digital synths, it would be a pain in the ass. 
> I'm concerned about how compatible modules from one manufacturer are with
> those from another, and how other circuitry (e.g. guitar pedals, DSP,
> external audio) will work in the signal path.
Audio inputs can usually handle 1.5v peak-to-peak  CV in's handle -5 to +4v
normally, some systems are odd though.
> (For example, I used a very modest modular at the U of Ill.  We weren't
> really supposed to do stuff like this, but I plugged a bass guitar into 
> at least one of the CV inputs.  It worked great.  Was I just lucky or can 
> you do that kind of thing without worry and expect it to work?)
Of course it will work, because the pickups of the Bass make a small 
voltage, which is read by the CV input as a control voltage.  You can use
mics, tape, etc. (but only use line level input, no amping) 
> A good volume of mail on this list seems to be people asking "how to I
> drive my XXX with my YYY..."  Although these questions mostly seem to do 
> with sequencing.  I'll need good MIDI to CV (incl. velocity and hopefully 
> controllers).
You will need an analog sequencer or the PAIA cv/Midi converter works 
very well.
> I know I'm not quite asking a clear question here, but if anyone can offer
> some general comments on the subject, I should be able to formulate more
> specific questions.  I'm intimately familiar with this stuff at a "black
> box" level, but once you get into electrical specifics, ICs, and so
> forth...well, it's not my strong point.  I know a resistor from a diode, 
> and I'm comfortable with a soldering iron, but not much beyond that.
> Specific topics: 
> - Connecting anything to anything else and expecting it to work
> - MIDI to CV
> - Stability/calibration

> - Potential hazards while experimenting with feedback loops
Feedback loops can generate voltages beyond +5/-5v (the loops need to be
controlled (buffered).


> Thanks in advance...
> --Mark
> On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, Marc Mcnulty (MUSIC) wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > !hola!,
> > 	I need to thank Stefan Gruhl for sending me the info on the 
> > Doepfer A-100 Modular system.  It looks just a Serge (sort of).
> > 
> > 	I priced up a system for: $1170. U.S.  It includes:
> > 	3 VCO's ($100. ea)
> > 	1 Wave Shaper ($50.)
> >  	1 Divider ($50.)
> > 	1 Ring Mod/Inverter ($50.)
> > 	1 Mixer 4:1 ($50.)
> > 	1 VCF ($80.)
> > 	1 VCA linear ($70.)
> > 	1 VCA log    ($70.)
> > 	1 Clock Divider/Sequencer ($80.)
> > 	1 Noise/Random ($50.)
> > 	3 LFO's ($50. ea)
> > 	2 ADSR ($60. ea.)    
> > 
> > 	These prices are amazing!  I am curious about the qulaity.  The
> > modules appear very flexible and nothing is pre-patched except for power.
> > I am really curious, i was going to get a Serge, but if this is reality 
> > than my $'s will become DM's (sorry, but I on a budget).
> > 
> > Marc
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