[AH] Technosaurus Selector Modular

From John Greczula
Sent Wed, Jan 6th 1999, 23:34

Hello AHers,

First I must apologize to everyone who has requested Technosaurus literature.
I promise to have this information on it's way to you very shortly!

Well, it finally arrived, my demonstratory Selector Modular from Technosaurus.
It's not a huge one, but it's got the following modules:

MIDI to CV/Gate
Dual Waveshaper
Triple Resonator
Envelope Generator

It's a 9 space rackmount unit, with the top six spaces dedicated to the sound
modules themselves. Below each is a 3 space patchbay module where all the
connections can be easily made without cluttering up the knob-twiddling area. 

This thing kicks ass! The purity of tone provided by this baby is wunderbar.
Even through my Tannoy PBM 6.5 nearfields it sounds lush and rich, and just
about made them puke their woofers when I started pissing around with the
triple resonator and filter.

I don't claim to be modular or analogue synth expert, but compared to the tons
of Roland stuff I own or have owned, the only thing that comes close in the
way of sonic beauty is the SH-5. I've had a Micromoog and I don't know what
you guys think of that synth, but the Selector sounds 'cleaner' if that means
anything. Purity of analogue but clean as well. Ballsy? Of course!

I've inspected the product and feel that it is of superb quality, and in my
opinion, looks. Tactile? Biggest frequency knob I've ever seen!

I don't dispute the fact that Technosaurus modulars are alot more expensive
than Doepfer and Integrator systems, however I feel their quality warrants the

I know a good number of people out there in North American Internet land would
like to own such gear, after having seen and heard it at NAMM or reading about it.

Technosaurus have asked me to help them out in North America, so here I am!
They've told me a web site is being worked on and I have offered to prep a
site showcasing all their products. I am presently waiting for a reply.

My guess is that the average retailer won't have much interest stocking up on
Selector Modulars, so I will deal directly with the end users who wish to
purchase a system, ultimately saving you some dosh!

As much as I want to keep the Selector Modular I just got, it may end up
getting sold very soon. Interested parties email me!

John Greczula
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