[AH] FS: MF-104Z, Blacet StonZ, Doepfer Ribbon, Roland A-80

From ndkent
Sent Mon, Dec 29th 2008, 00:59

Stuff for sale:

Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay. 1000ms with CV control, Clean and  
properly working. Includes the original manual with a scratch on the  
cover and psu. $519 shipped in the U.S.. I'll consider shipping  
internationally but the buyer must pay for EMS shipping.

Blacet StonZ Phaser module.   Blacet built, clean. No schematics but  
the user manual is online. $130 shipped in the U.S.. Will ship  
internationally if EMS is covered by the buyer.

Doepfer Ribbon + r2m ribbon to midi controller + A-198 module.  
(bought a Continuum, need to pay for it) This is a package including  
one ribbon and both the external MIDI module (with CV for pitch, gate  
and pressure) and the convenient A-198 module. Includes a printed R2M  
manual, psu for the box and the not quite standard USB cable (these  
units do not use USB protocol, just MIDI and/or CV to control synths,  
they use a slightly uncommon USB style connector to attach and power  
the ribbon). The R2M combo was bought new and is of recent vintage  
and is properly functioning. Can be used to augment a CV or MIDI  
controller or alone.  Same with the A-198 which was second hand for  
me and is clean. $400 shipped to the U.S.. Will ship internationally  
if EMS is covered by the buyer.

Roland A-80 88 key MIDI controller. Legendary late 80s vintage that  
newer MIDI controllers don't match up to. Top quality keys, all sorts  
storable of MIDI functions + sliders. I have photos. Some moderate  
scratches. Nothing really rough. Has a small chip on the side of the  
lowest black key . It's not in a spot that most people touch while  
playing, I haven't.  Velocity and action are working properly, the  
aftertouch has definite issues with a couple keys needing a lot of  
pressure and the bulk of the keys with no aftertouch output. $400  
located in Midtown Manhattan. I really don't want to ship this but  
can if I have no local offers. Buyer would have to pay shipping. It's  
about 92lbs boxed and will be over $120 in shipping. Will not ship  

Payment can be made by Paypal or U.S. postal money order (contact me  
first of course). Anything can be arranged to be picked up in person  
in Manhattan for cash. Will subtract my shipping costs for all but  
the A-80 if any items can be picked up.

Nicholas Kent