Re: Sequencer for (Doepfer) modular

From osc1
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>On Thu, 18 Sep 1997 wrote:
>> Ho Heaveners,
>> the Doepfer A-100 modular system will be upgraded by an interesting
>> sequencing module:
>	Do you (or anyone) know if such a module is possible to use as a
>stand-alone box? (With a power supply, of course.) It would be most
>interesting if that were possible, as the MAQ16/3 is a little pricey, and
>this looks somewhat simpler (and cheaper.)
>	Jason
> should be simple enough to use as a stand alone, if you really
prefer it that way.  the doepfer modules all connect to a power/cv/gate bus
inside the system, via a ribbon cable.  the power pins available on the bus
are +5, a gnd and + and - 12v also.  the converter mounted on the back of
the A100 systems are also available seperately, and connects the +/- 12 and
gnd to the bus circuit boards which are loaded with pinboards (male) to
connect the ribbon cables to.  don't know (because i haven't seen the
backside of the sequencer), but you should be able to use a converter that
you either build or buy from doepfer, and breadboard a connector (or direct
wire it permanantly).  all of this assumes you have no need for midi or
midi sync.


to compare this to an MAQ would be considerably off.  don't forget that
there's a standalone 8 note sequencer built into the standard A100, too
(the CLK. SEQUENCER when put through linear mixers).  but the MAQ is a
horse of a different color, it's excellent midi implimentation with
realtime sequencing has little else to compare it to, not to mention that i
can drive midi modules or synths with it while driving the doepfer with the
cv/gate outs from the back in sync with those, and modulate the whole thing
realtime via either the knobs or midi cc.  the saying "you get what you pay
for" has some merit in this case.  if you're interested in something like
this doepfer module as a standalone (and midi isn't a strong concern), why
not check out some of the lower end analogue sequencers such as the roland
104 or the Arp (which dollar for dollar, is a fave).  might be easier than
jury rigging the doepfer as a standalone.

hope this helps,

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