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From Gus Lanzas*
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

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> Hello analogue brothers !

Hello to you too!

> Since we did everything we could with the beloved TB 303, and we want to
> get some other stuff (For instance the Clavia Nord Lead (this one's a
> killer, am I being blasphemic by the way ?) physical modelling synth), my
> companion (PONA) is selling his for the not so humble sum of Dfl 1750,
> which roughly translates into $900, not including packaging and UPS/FedEx.
> Any takers ?

The Nord Lead is INMO, *VERY* cool... the sound is very nice (from what my
friends that heard it at NAMM said), and the knobs are great.

[ok, begin soap-box mode, NOT flame mode ;-)]

But realistically, a 303 is NOT worth $900... Yes it is rare and hard to find,
and nothing else sounds exactly like it... But doesn't $900 seem excessive for
a little monophonic synth?  For that much, you could get 4 pro-ones, or maybe
4 moog sources, or a MIDI OB-8, etc...

Hmmm, sorry if I'm offending somebody, but it just amazes me how the prices on
some gear just bear no relationship to what the item's actual value might be. 
The prices seem determined by people's pre-conceptions about what owning a
certain item will do for you...

Owning a 303 will not make you a super-techno-rave-whatever-god.  You can make
great techno/rave/ambient/whatever with any instruments you have available...
Don't limit yourself to thinking making good music depends on having certain

Oh, and I know a lot of vintage stuff is more expensive elsewhere in the

Grrrr! ;-)

[soap-box mode off!!!]

Whew! Sorry to vent, but I just had to do it...

Take care, happy analogue-ing, and good luck!

-Gus (Eagerly-awaiting-my-Doepfer-MS-404) Lanzas ;-)

P.S.  The Boss DR-110 drum-machine kicks severe butt.