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From Larry Pham
Sent Tue, Mar 13th 2007, 05:18

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From: John Mahoney [] 
Sent: March 12, 2007 11:38 PM
To: Larry Pham; Analogue Heaven
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Hi John,

I'll be going with the B series modules. (very nice design)
Thanks for the info on the mults and switches. I will have to rethink about
which ones I can use.

> Envelope generators. Noise generator(s). Sample & hold. A sequencer. 

Of course, slipped my mind :) 
I won't be getting a sequencer at first since I plan to have software like
Logic, Numerology and Nortron as the brain interfacing with the synth via a
doepfer MCV24.

> Click dividers and logic modules if you are into sequencing. Signal 
> processors for adjusting CV levels and inverting CVs. Etc... Repeat 
> until broke. ;-) 

Whoa! These are some things I don't have a clue about and that's why I
wanted a modular system for the sheer control possibilities :) Are these
used only with a sequencer?

> It really depends on who you plan to use your system. Do you play 
> melodies, percussive sounds, sequences, aleatoric stuff, or what? It 
> can be hard to answer that question, but it's important. Do you have 
> certain role models?

I think my first system will be quite basic until I can get the hang of it
so I'm aiming toward something for bass, leads and sequences. I make more
techno/electro/downbeat and I like to have everything under control and not
so much random aleatoric, but we'll have to see if that changes when the
modular is built :)