Doepfer Modular

From James Richardson
Sent Sun, Nov 12th 1995, 00:53

The latest edition of "The Mix", published here in the UK includes
a lengthy (well, 5 pages) review of the Doepfer A-100 Modular system
written by Peter Forrest, author of the "A-Z of Analogue Synths".

On the whole, he's highly complimentary: he's impressed by the overall
design, the quality of construction and materials used and, most 
importantly, by the sounds and musical potential of the system.  On the
down side, some of the modules are not as fully-featured as one might
have hoped, eg. the Moog-style transistor "ladder" VCF doesn't have
voltage control of resonance, the LFOs don't have voltage control of

The magazine comes with a free CD which has a track demonstrating
the A-110.  Apparently the reviewer only received the system a day 
before the deadline for the CD.  So, the demo sounds are not quite
as "complex" as might have been the case if more time was available.
Still sounds pretty damn good though!

I'm waiting for a "hands on" appraisal from ANALOGUEMAN (a.k.a. Sean
Coppinger) who's promised to put pen to paper as soon as his A-110

Oh, and by the way, the magazine also has a good article on Theremins.