Re: [AH] Modular Reviews?

From John Papiewski
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00


The makes that I count as 'real' are the following:
Moog CE
Synthesis Technology

I hadn't heard of Analogue Systems before, but it sounds like they qualify
They all sell systems where the customer specifies the modules.  The modules
are electrically independent and patchable.  These are ALL very small
outfits.  Some with a few people, some with only one.  I would hazard a guess
that company-wise, Doepfer is the biggest.  I would imagine that if the
economy nosedives, several would unfortunately bite the dust, if not all.

I want to restate my earlier point about reviews with low bias and low drool
factor.  Seems like what I've read either online or in print has had too much
of either.  Is it possible to review systems in a critical way, without
butt-slamming other makes?  Like a cool-headed Consumer Reports style.

Maybe a general format would be:
* Extensive sound demos (which is why CD might be preferable to downloaded
snippets).  Little or no use of effects - let's hear the synth, not the
effects box.
* General description
* Company background
* Module list with thorough descriptions, spec's, parameters
* Lists of features the reviewer likes, dislikes
* Pictures
* Pricing info
* Availability, turnaround time
* Used market data

I put up the EGRES site as a source of information on Serge.  I've tried to
keep my biases and drool to a minimum - or at least put them in their place.
I'm thinking that it would be a Good Thing to expand this approach to other
makes, but I personally don't have that much experience outside Serge, so I'm
not qualified to comment too much.

John P.