Re: [AH] Vocoder preprocessing, was thoughts on the AIRA range

From Florian Anwander
Sent Fri, Feb 14th 2014, 17:14

Am 14.02.2014 17:03, schrieb skunk3:
> what you're
> saying is that I should send vocals through the Filter Factory first
> with the high pass settings you suggested, then compress it to hell with
> my 3630, and THEN send it to the Warp Factory?

I would not send it through the Filter Factory. The FF is much to steep 
(12dB/Oct). The best would be a (semi-)parametric EQ in a mixing 
console. Where you lower the bass range for 3dB, while setting the 
(lowered) bass frequency as high as possible.

The rest is described well. Microphone -> Mic-Preamp -> slight high pass 
-> compressor -> vocoder-modulator-input

BTW: Dieter Doepfer once gave me the hint to use an information and news 
radio station on the FM radio for testing a vocoder, because their 
vocals are usually preprocessed perfectly