[AH] New mailing list

From atombee
Sent Wed, Jan 13th 1999, 10:08

Hello Friends-

I have started a mailing list, modern music, dedicated to the more
intangible and theoretical, as well as important financial/copyright
aspects of making, recording, promoting, and selling music in this
incredible era, as, with the advent of the web, the old industrial model of
distribution and marketing crumbles, and we can do an end-run, for a few
years, anyway, around the stranglehold the megalithic [if this isn't a real
word, i don't want to hear about it, okay? :) ] corporations and organized
crime have on the music industry.

Batz, Deno (if.then.else), and I batted around the idea of creating one big
mailing list, combining my idea with Batz's list Independence, which
focuses on the mechanics of distribution and other issues specifically for
the small label. In the end, we decided to keep the lists smaller, more
focused, and manageable. They have some great ideas in the works - look for
some announcements from them shortly.

modernmusic is dedicated to all facets and concerns of today's modern
composer, recording artist, producer, record label, musician: web
distribution, promotion, MP3 and related technologies and how they can be
harnessed to our advantage ... piracy issues, copyright and royalty issues
in this nascient distribution model ... resources (manufacturers, magazines
- on and offline - other lists, websites, etc.) ... marketing and selling
music that is neither exactly DJ nor radio friendly at present ... and
music that is DJ & radio friendly, as well ... pitfalls of dealing with
distributors, labels, and so on.

Self-promotion is welcome. Spell-checking is encouraged. Anybody in a
flamewar who writes a message containing three or more typos will be
bounced from the list. However, the courteous exchange of ideas and
information is the goal of modernmusic.

Please join us.

Yours on the infobahn to happy destiny,

Knox Bronson

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