[AH] Drehbank Templates

From Shagghie
Sent Sun, Jan 4th 2009, 10:33

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Ok...so I don't have any windows machines, and I've just purchased a
Does anyone have any handy templates they can share for the Drehbank,
specifically for either the MachineDrum
and/or a Quasimidi Technox?

Similarly, has anyone used the MidiQuest OSX editor for their Drehbank yet?
Does it work well enough?
ref: http://www.squest.com/Windows/Instruments/DoepferDrehbank/index.html

Any tips on the Drehbank greatly appreciated in general.  Looking to use it
to control the FX parameters on the MD for live stage use, and then
back in the studio, thought it would be an excellent way to 'blow up' the
Technox that otherwise seems to collect more dust than platinum hits...