Doepfer A-100 Review

From Clive Jones
Sent Tue, Jan 23rd 1996, 10:35

Hi Chaps

I just thought I'd drop you a note about Future Music Feb 96 issue which   
contains a review of the 6U Doepfer A-100, this is my first look at the   
modular and it looks like the dogs dangly bits. I'm sure there are list   
members who already have one. It's white, 6U's and has plug in modules   
and looks very well made - but then it should be for the price - 1995 UK   
pounds ( approx $3072 !!!!! ).
Basic model includes ;

2 VCO's, LP VCF, Multimode VCF, exponential and linear VCA 's, LFO, 2   
ADSR EG's, linear and exponential  mixers, dual Ring Modulator, waveform   
processor, audio divider, slew limiter, dual VCS etcetera.
It only gets 70% in the review - but who are FM to make comments about   
the sonic capabilities of instruments? Also packing a retro review of   
Rolands system 100.

Don't miss this issue if just for the pictures. Have a nice day


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