[AH] FS: eurorack modular gear (update)

From appliancide
Sent Mon, Oct 20th 2008, 13:28

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Just wanted to send this out because there have been so many replies about the VCS. It has been sold. Updated list below. 


Everything has been babied by me in my non-smoking home. Most prices
are about 75% of new give or take depending on the module. I will
charge actual shipping on all items after they are sent.


Dalek Modulator
$200 - this is one of the first ones and it's a tight squeeze in the
portable case, but I have never had a problem with it. I do line the
rails with electrical tape just to be sure.
Vulcan Modulator $200

Plan B Dual Timbral Gate $210


a100P portable case $410 (It's the grey one)
a108 filter $165 (perfect for use with the bbd modules)
a110 VCO $150
a143-2 quad adsr $215
a135 vc mixer $130 (live having 4 vcas built into a mixer)
a177 foot controller with two cv pedals and dual gate pedal $275 (no longer
a148 dual s&h $60
a181 multiple $37 (this is the one that gives you a mono and a stereo quarter inch out)
a181-1 bbd (4096 stages) $200
a131 exp. vca $72
a150 dual vc switch $60
a119 ext in/env follower $75

Interested in diy type stuff only for trades. Maybe frac gear also.


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