Doepfer Modular - foundation for AH synth?

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00

> >>       These prices are amazing!  I am curious about the qulaity.  The
> >> modules appear very flexible and nothing is pre-patched except for power.
> >PS: And they already spoke of releasing the "intersting" models later.
> >In summer they hope to be able to offer also lin or exp. ADRS,
> >I think they also talked about a different VFC module, and several others.
> Since these prices are so good, would it make sense to base AH modules on
> the same frame, front panel, power supply connections, etc.? This way a
> user could start with an affordable, ready-to-run "basic" system and then

That's what I already suggested, when the AH modular task started.
I by myself have no technical skill, that allows me to built my
own modular, so I don't mind, what you do, but I think the idea is 

> add AH modules as their fancy and time permitted. Can someone contact
> Doepfer to see if they would be interested in selling blank front panels,
> matching knobs, etc. and to release their technical specs for CVs, gates,
> power etc.?

The technical specs are public, I am pretty shure. I can get them.
Selling the front panels might be only possible if you manage
to do a larger order. They of course have to look on the overhead of
such special wishes.

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