Re: Doepfer A-100 VCA's

From tvod123
Sent Sun, Oct 27th 1996, 22:13

>i'm thinking about getting into some of the doepfer A-100 modular modules
>sometime in the next few months and i'm just thinking about setting up a
>processing type of system right now (no VCO's or anything). i want to make
>it similar to my MS-20, to start out with. here's what i'm looking at
>right now:
>   A-119 envelope follower triggering a pair of
>   A-140 ADSR envelope's to open up an
>   A-121 multimode VCF, modulated by an
>   A-145 LFO and/or possibly even an
>   A-147 Shepard Generator (oooh!)
>now like i said, i just want to process some audio signals for the time
>being, and i think this setup will work out, but i'm not sure how many and
>what type of VCA's i need to use and where to use them (i do know the
>concept of the VCA, BTW). there are two different types of VCA's doepfer
>   A-130 linear
>   A-131 logarithmic
>now, i do know i need at least one for the overall volume of the whole
>thing, but do i need any anywhere else in the signal path?
>thanx for the help,
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Go for the linear A100 VCA if you area only going to  get one,maybe even
the dual vca(they say its for
cv but is a decent linear dual vca...don't overlook the waveform proccessor
module?the are good for
proccessing as is the phase shifter..
Doug Masla