Re: Review: Artificial Intelligence II

From peter.gebert
Sent Wed, Jul 27th 1994, 15:19

on Wed, 27 Jul 1994 09:38:43 +0200 (MET DST), "L.J.Pit"
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>> 12. Polygon Window : My Teapot

>I am desperately hoping he's going to do a full album with this sort of
>stuff. At first you may indeed think it is rubbish, a pile of garbage sounds,
>but it is not. It is genius. It has a lot of logic in it.

i agree in full. i still think it's the best track on the whole comp. ok, i
also like fitton's metalurg, and seefeel's, balil's, and kirk's tracks a
lot, but they're not half as demanding to the listener. my basic criticism
about the ai2 comp... *it goes down like honey*. (the cover's really good!
can you hear the light?)
anyway, there's an interview from about a year ago or so where rdj states
that he's very bored with 4/4 beats and that he's experimenting with other
times. now here's one track were you get mad when you start to count, and i
like that. and i'm sure there's enough material for an album already.
people will only have to learn to listen to this stuff... alan's doing the
only right thing: trust your heroes and don't give up, listen to it for
another time :-)

>Btw, a friend of mine says My Teapot consists of only _one_ sound. I'm not
>convinced yet, and find it difficult to believe (I have the CD, not the
>vinyl version and no sampler to analyse and play around with the sound), but I
>know that when my friend says that sort of things he's usually right. What do
>others here think about this? Could it be possible?

like he sampled a bang on his teapot and that's the sound? well i still
don't understand what criteria people use when they judge two sounds to be
one and the same. what alterations would be allowed? if it just means "one
and the same original sample", that's simple. you can do anything with
this, if you take the trouble. if it means "only pitch change", i don't
believe it for the pw track, but i'll give it a listen.