Re: 808 programming track-pattern switch prob (fwd)

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

> > I HAVE PROBLEMS AS WELL to prg the 808.
> >
> > I doubt it is really broken as anotherone I know behaves just the
> > same. And as I am (hopefully) to get my very own one, I fear this
> > one will have the same "faults".
> >
> > If running from its own clock, it works all fine as described, but
> > when a sync plug is inserted, I can't do (almost) aanything.
> >
> > no selecting different patterns, no switching from pattern to trak
> > mode, etc. IS that a common Roland feature :-) to help producing
> > monotone techno music, or what ? I still fear its a bit faulty.
> The 808 seems to have two states while in Ext.Sync mode.  The first
> behaves as you described.  The second reenables pattern selection,
> mode switching, etc..  I always thought this was due to some bizarre

One Monemt please.
I haven't got this. Do you mean there are 2 "versions" of 808's around, or
do you mean that every 808 seems to behave sometimes either of the 2 ways
depending "how" they are synced.
Will a different midi to sync help here ? I use a doepfer msy1 which
served me well for 5 years now.

> interaction between Cubase, the MSQ-700, and the 808 - the MSQ starts
> every other time I start the sequencer, and I suppose it's doing
> something weird to the Start/Stop lines on the SYNC cable.  Annoying
> as hell, and one of the major reasons I want to ditch the MSQ and
> use the Polaris coupled w/ Garfield Sync box - the Polaris starts
> every time.  So, check out the Start/Stop lines Stefan.

Well, I can do so, but there is not much that I can expect.
When I explored the roland sync style I found it's a simple gate that
gives that start signal. If the gate wouldn't be high, the 808 shouldn't
run at all. And it does start and stop properly. I just can't switch the modes.
Nevertheless thanks for the hint, I'll dig into that.

> I think I like the programming interface on the 606 better than any
> other drum machine.

Aggreed. Especially the simple design of play and write. What I like
a bit better on the 909 is, that I don't have to turn the instr. select
knob. The 909 is a faster here, as I can hit the desirec instument very fast and don't have to bother my tired eyes to tell me where the recent position is.

Now imagine the 606 a bit more wide, 19". With optional rack ears...
indiv. outs.... and the 808 toms in there.. the 808 and the 909 kick, hmm 
both claps ? and the rare analogue snap of the 929....
Perhaps with this tiny remote control of the MC404 so you can leave
the rack606 in the back of the stage when performing and ....


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