Re: [AH] Doepfer MCV24

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Jun 15th 1999, 19:53

Andy Horrell (06:13 PM 6/15/99) wrote:

 >>One thing to keep in mind with this unit: only 4 of the outputs are "high
 >>resolution" (and it's only 12 bits). The other 20 outputs are 8 bits only!
 >>Can you say "zipper noise?"
 >>One more thing: if it's available, why does is say this:
 >>"Complete settings of the MCV24 can be stored in ??? memories (the exact
 >>number is not yet fixed)."
 >>Look at all the feature of this unit, Kenton's, JKJ's and mine when
 >>for a MIDI-CV converter and buy what is right for your current (and
 >>potential future) application.
 >>Tony Karavidas
 >>Encore Electronics
 >Perhaps you can then explain here how your MIDI - CV converter is better
 >quality when dealing with 7-bit MIDI controllers.

I think the site answers this issue Andy...

The stie says that the 12bit DACs give 1/32 semitone resolution, while the 
8 bit DACs give 1/2 semitone resolution. I would suspect that anyone firing 
a CC at the MCV 24 may notice the staircasing that is bound to occur.

The MCV 24 page itself point this out...

   (in talking about CV4-CV24)

   " that jobs like glide/portamento or LFO modulations are not
   possible due to the rough resolution."

 >The Doepfer page states "Complete settings of the MCV24 can be stored in
 >16 memories" - the little one and the six after the word "in" means SIXTEEN

Given that Tony gave a quote of more text than is on the page that you're 
looking at, I might suggest that he's looking a different page than you 
are; or maybe his local cache isn't refreshed.

I'd like to point out that Tony mention other MIDI->CV convertors than his 
own in his message. Quite professional of him... Unlike some folks that 
seem to be jumping a bit quick to attack him.

My take on this is that Tony is speaking from the point of view of someone 
designing MIDI->CV convertors. I would figure that if he (or Kyle or 
Kenton) thought that they could get away with 8 bit DACs then they would of.


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