From Marc Mcnulty (MUSIC)
Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 23:58

	I do have to agree that Serge = Quality.  My first impression of 
the Doepfer really flipped me out.  I then retired to read the Serge 
catalog and compared the modules. The doepfer does appear to be lacking a 
great deal of details.  The number of functions (knobs, etc) per module 
seems very low.  The Serge gear has some functions that I am not even 
familiar with.  I can see why the Serge is more expensive quite clearly now.
For my own purposes a Doepfer would not cut it.  I use my equipment for 
sound development (design).  The Serge gear is just what I am looking for.
I have begun planning out a small system that I will add to later.