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I just checked mine on my volt meter.=A0 It smoothly goes from just over 0 =
to 5 volts on all 3 channels.=A0 No variation.=A0 Yours is in need of some =
service.=A0 More than that, I can't help you with.=A0 Try the Deopfer list.


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yes i did.

when i maxed out the internal trim pots i got 4.76 volts.

and the 3 cv outs were not in any way consistent with this.  4.76 was the m=
out nd it was cv out 1.

i will say that the CV expansion card looks like it was installed by a

the holes were badly drilled.  and there's no labels on the back.

but the previous owner told me that it was installed at the factory so....

I Don't Know!~




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I am assuming you downloaded the manual:

and looked at the last phrase on page 30 and the diagram on page 31?


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> I got one sent to Australia from USA.
> I had problems with it with voltage, and just assumed that I had to buy
> the quantizer to make it work.
> But I never bought the quantizer.
> R.
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> >
> >
> > no answer to the initial questions?
> > where is the loop all 3  layers function?
> >
> I couldn't figure this out yet, but would love to know as well.
> only
> had mine for a short time and unless someone knows first hand, I won't
> be
> able to mess with it until tomorrow.
> Lyndon