Re: Doepfer Sampler Module

From Mark Pulver
Sent Sat, Jul 11th 1998, 02:24

Chris \('the Hex'\) (07:40 PM 7/10/98) wrote:

>At 08:34 PM 7/9/98 PDT, umair wrote:
>>Hey guys. i know i asked this before, but i got no response, so i'll try 
>>again. has anybody played with the new doepfer 8bit sampler/wavetabler 
>>module for the A-100 system? I think it sounds very kewl. Does the NM 
>>have a similar module? 
>I don't have the NM but I've d/l'd the free interface software to play with
>& know someone who has it and the answer seems to be "no".  Don't know why
>exactly, maybe some of the NM enthusiasts on the list can field that one?
>Anyway, I agree it does sound like a cool option:  using a digital waveform
>to modulate analogue stuff, or vice versa.

Oh man... I missed this one!

No, there is no sampler module on the Nord Modular.

As as been pointed out to me recently, there is 4k of program memory (and
no real data space) per DSP on the NordM. This isn't enough to do much in
the way of delay line work, much less looking at getting much more than a
single cycle waveform in there.

>Actually I was very surprised that none of the recent NM reviews mentioned
>this as a limitation...I guess it would be somewhat of a memory hog if you
>used huge samples but otherwise it's not obvious to me why they'd skip a
>feature like this...

This has been discussed at length on the Nordlead list (where the
discussions of the Nord Modular have existed in recent months) and while
there are some folks looking for it, the general consensus is that we're
comfortable with the synth as a synth and don't really need a sampler module.

There's so much more to the Nord Modular, that it's just really not an
issue to harp on.

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