Re: Vangelis - Bladerunner Soundtrack

From Henning Kristiansen
Sent Sun, Oct 19th 1997, 16:06

>>I was just listening to the Bladerunner by Vangelis Soundtrack
>>{the real one on the Atlantic label}
>>& was wondering what Van used for the lead line to the
>>Main Title Theme?  Prophet10 or something?
>>If anyone knows it would be pretty cool.  It is a good

 MR> I believe it is a CS-80.

In the vangelis cover of 'direct' you see a picture of Vangelis in he's
studio with:

2x Juno-106's

There is alot of other equipment there too, but i can't see what it is.

I believe Vangelis favourites is CS-80, Minimoog, PS-3300 and Prophet-10.

But i'm also sure he layer sounds like #@!#@!, since i with my Mks-50 and
Juno-106 managed to get somewhere close to the extremly synthetic sound
Vangelis uses.

Anybody here that have visited he's studio?.

I would like to know if Vangelis have done any mods to (one of) the CS-80's
he's using for getting it (atleast more) stable?.


Henn!ng, Oslo Norway