Re: [AH] clocking, syncing analog gear for recording in 2008

From Tomislav Babic
Sent Tue, Jun 3rd 2008, 22:00

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On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 9:05 PM, Horton <> wrote:

> What works for you? Who here has a setup for recording that gives them
> reliable timing when it comes to sequencing CV synthesizers and also
> syncing analog equipment with on-board sequencers?

nothing so far. i use the Fireface's midi, most solid ive come across,
regretably a single port,
for slaving jp8 for notes and for arpeggio. rest of my midi synths get
midex3, and its a soup.. :(
i have to re tweak some of the recorded audio to the DAW grid to get any
kind of tightness..

i did notice improvement when i was away from DAW,  using e-mu SP-12 as
master, sending
midi clk to A6, and transferring to DIN via Doepfer MSY goin into 606.  then
606 clock output
into clock-in of JP8 arpeggiator. JP never sounded more tight  and accurate
with SP-12/606 drums than in this scenario.

however the latter approach misses the DAW recording aspect, and there was
no midi sequencer per se.

My current setup uses a Futureretro mobius as the master,
> CV-sequencing a DotCom modular. The Mobius slaves a TR-606 over the
> DIN output (whose trigger outs go back to the DotCom) and an Evolver
> desktop's internal sequencer over its MIDI output. This setup is
> So I run my setup with Cubase as the master clock driving the
> aforementioned setup for multitracking, and I get ok timing but

i was always looking a lot into Mobuis. have u ever tried slaving it to a
reliable midi clock source, i.e. a hardware midi sequencer like MPC, RS7k,
any other midi clk source that is not a DAW ?    and was it better?

im asking bcs, there are some devices, that never work as nice in *slave*mode,
regardless of the quality of incoming midi clock. i wonder how Mobius fares
in this regard..

btw, the other thread here (about the *SBX-80*) reminded me of the idea i
had a while ago..  lets say we
use a HW midi sequencer (w good clock), and only use DAW as a big tape deck,
and slave this seq
to daw excusively via *stripped SMPTE* track (therefore avoiding loosy daw
clk)..  by using SBX-80 or somthing of the sort ??

further, similar to this, what woudl i need to replace the hw seq, with an *
ATARI*, in the above example ?
(atari=midi, daw=audio)     anyone here has experience with syncing ATARI to
tape(daw) ??
i was thinking of *SMP-24* bcs of 4midi i/o ports but cannot  remember if
indeed it has onboard SMPTE reader/writer,
or do i need to bring a SBX-80 type of box into the equation ??

if Atari talk is too OT, pls reply offlist. thank you, any help is

related question, can *MC4* and *MC8* be slaved to incoming (pulse) clock
and/or DIN, and how do they behave when
slaved (to a good clock), any erratic behaviour ?

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 9:17 PM, Steven Hanlon <>

> The KMS has the best MIDI to DIN timing I have come across

Steve, do i need KMS30 if i get SBX-80?   are they as good midi->din


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