Re: System 100M vs System 700

From Transistor Rhythm
Sent Wed, Dec 20th 1995, 09:13

since we're talking about synths here and not how much of a dick mark 
hughes is and how many fucking voices a prophet 5 has, i thought that for 
those of you interested in the system 100m, there was a nice article 
about the system 100m in Sound on Sound a  few months back.  it listed 
all the modules that were produced for it and how much they listed at and 
their approximate value today.  it states that between 1978n and 1985 
roland produced 13 modules and 3 different keyboards for the 100m.  there 
were plans for 5 more modules (that went to prototype).  i don't remember 
seeing this info about the 100m on music machines the last time i was 
there.  if it exists now, please ignore the following:

the modules were:  (and their original price in british pounds)

110: vco/vcf/vca  210 pounds - this module contains all the elements of a 
single synth voice.  the audio signal paths from the vco to vcf to vca 
are all made internally, as are the keyboard and eg inputs to the vcf and 
vca.  these connections can be overridden by inserting a jack into the 
relevant socket.  a few features are missing, but that's not surprising, 
considering the modules 4 x 9 " size.

112: dual vco 220 pounds - this module contains two independent vcos with 
expanded features; both have a range from 32' to 2', three modulation 
inputs, and a sync input and output.  three waveforms are available as is 
pulse width modulation.  these vcos are pretty stable with a very wide 
range.  if they are cross-synced at their higher ranges, they made a nice 
impersonation of FM synthesis (snicker) 

121: dual vcf 190 pounds - each vcf is a -24dB/octave low pass type with 
a built-in, fixed (lame) high pass filter that's switchable between three 
cut off frequencies .  each vcf has cut off frequency resonance sliders 
that can send them into oscillation.  with a beautiful high end and a gut 
rumbling low end, these vcfs sound incredibly rich and musical compared 
to (insert most hated digital synth here)... use two in series set to 
different cut off frequencies for an even deeper sound.

130: dual vca 175 pounds - each vca can be switched between linear and 
exponential modes for different amplitude curves and percussive effects 
when used with the EG.  each has an initial gain control, which also 
allows the vcas to be used without a modulation input and as 3-channel 
audio mixers.

131: output mixer/oscillator/headphone amp 175 pounds - self explanatory 
(i hope)

132: dual cv/audio mixer & voltage processor 160 pounds - this useful 
module can be used for summing CVs from various sources and/or for audio 
mixing.  each half includes four sliders for level and an inverted 
output.  separate sliders are included for providing variable positive 
and negative voltage sources.

140: dual EG & LFO 180 pounds - this module provides two ADSR EGs and a 
single LFO (with five selectable waveforms).  add this module to the 110 
module and a cv keyboard and you have all the elements of a basic 

150: ring mod/noise/s&h/lfo 180 pounds - a versatile module that provides 
full ring modulation and sample & hold facilities, white and pink
noise generation, and an lfo (the same as featured in the 140 module)  
the 150 is great for random sequences or controlling the vcf cut off 
frequency while synced to the 182 sequencer module, and the ring mod is 
the obvious choice for making a racket.

165: dual portamento controller 155 pounds - this a basic module with two 
independent portamento/glide control sections.  apart from cv control 
inputs, an MPX input is included for switching the portamento on/off from 
an mc8 or mc4 microcomposer.

172: audio delay/phaser/lfo/gate delay 210 pounds - another versatile 
module that features a five step phaser (with resonance control), 512 
step bucket brigade delay (also with resonance control for flanging 
effects) a gate delay (doubles as a pulse shifter) and an lfo.  the gate 
delay can accept most types of signal (audio, gate, or trigger pulses 
within a wide frequency range) which it reshapes and outputs as a 0-15v 

173: signal gate & multiple jacks 125 pounds - there are a total of 38 
sockets on this module; it allows you to turn on or off audio or control 
signals patched between other modules automating certain patch alterations.

174: parametric eq 155 pounds - this is a single channel, four band 
parametric eq.  each band haslevel, bandwidth, and frequency controls, 
plus a bypass switch.

182: analogue sequencer 200 pounds - this nifty little sequencer offers 
single channel/16 step or dual channel/8 step operation.  add modules to 
increase the number of steps.  (haha)  a full range of controls make the 
182 surprisingly versatile.

180: 32 key controller keyboard 210 pounds
181: 49 key controller keyboard 275 pounds
184: 4 note polyphonic keyboard 490 pounds
190: three module rack 155 pounds
191j: five module rack

prototype modules:

111: vco and vcf
120: vcf vca
141 dual envelope/gate delay/inverter-adder (what?!)
160: computer interface
170: pitch to voltage converter/envelope follower/amp

about 8 months ago i came across two module 150s and a keyboard 181.  all 
three items were (and still are) sealed in their original shrink wrap and 
boxes.  if anyone has leads on other modules for sale or trade, please 
contact me.  i would even consider trading one of my "brand new" 150s for 
a different module.  obviously i still need a power rack as well.

happy patching,


p.s.  for those of you that may have a single module or two, there was 
also a sidebar about soldering your own power supply to the modules so 
you can get some use out of them.  contact me for more info on that or 
refer to sound on sound april 95.