Re: [AH] Is there a hardware sequencer that supports playing the same se

From john mahoney
Sent Wed, Jan 21st 2004, 20:35

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From: "Paul Wagorn" <>
> put the sequence through a delay with one repeat 2 steps later....
> unless you wan a different sound for each sequence, then just mult the
> cv/gate out to 2 different synths & put one through the delay, set on 100%
> effect.

Good ideas!

Along those lines, you can do a similar thing with a MIDI sequencer and a
MIDI Delay unit like this:
$300 is kind of expensive, though.

Zoran wrote:
> Or to expand the idea, one CV channel plays "normal" sequence, but the
> one plays random version of the same?

That's a cool idea, but a lot more difficult. If anything can do it, maybe
the "computerized" Doepfers can?

You said "hardware," but I'll mention some software: ArtWonk. You make your
own hardware-style sequencers, so you can probably do that random trick you
want. Howard Moscovitz reviewed it on his site:
Here's the ArtWonk page: