Re: [AH] And the lucky winner is Psycho/Analog Shift Register...

From Peter Grenader
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 2004, 17:28

James R. Coplin wrote:

 4 S&H units take up a good bit of panel space.

 Agreed in most cases, the Doepfer 143 being the obvious argument against
this as you get two fully independent source with a mere 2cm investment of

I am a bit of a random freak however (among some other, more interesting
freaknesses), and I find myself having four S+Hs and a Doepfer 149-1, which
provides two more, albeit with a fixed sample source.

So it's all very " I have no idea what's going to happen next" around here.

But, given that there is four, (arguably five if you include spatial
location) parameters of sound, this barrage of independent S+Hs has its
benefits, as you can control each parameter with its own source of
uncertainty.  Along with this, I have two independent noise sources, and am
planning on making a third which will consist of a noise-modulated 100hz
triangle wave LFO signal set to a center frequency of about 100hZ.  This
creates what I call the type of 'tonic hovering' achievable by Buchla and
Serge random sources as the samples derived tend to base themselves around a
certain center voltage.  It's a nice variation from true random.'

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