Re: Hardware Sequencers (was FS: doepfer maq 16/3 sequencer)

From David Evans
Sent Thu, Jan 16th 1997, 01:58

Rod MacQuarrie wrote:
> Speaking of sequencers, does anyone have any info on the various analog
> sequencers along with their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we could
> start a thread on these??? I'd like to get away from the
> computer-controlled sequencer and get into a pattern-based sequencer with
> MIDI, CV, etc. Interested in opinions on the Doepfer, ARP etc.

  The only one I have is the PAiA 4780.  It has a single row with 12 steps.
There's a pot for each step (duh!), a gate output that fires when each step is
reached, a trigger that fires a short pulse for each clock tick, a gate output
that goes high for a user-selectable amount of time for each tick, and
portamento.  There's a button to step manually and another to reset the
sequence to the first step.  There's an external input for this as wel, so you
can drive it externally or run a patch cord from the pulse output of one of
the steps.
  It has an internal clock source (mine's hosed and won't go all that fast),
and an external clock input.  I haven't experimented with how fast it can be
driven.  There's a funky switch that selects some sort of clock mode, but I
can't remember what it does at the moment (I'm not in front of it.)
  Oh yeah--it's CV only.

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